Certification body

    “Balkan Biocert” is the First national Inspection and Certification body which operates with well trained and highly professional staff and provides high quality and affordable services to interested organic farmers, processors and traders.

    We have the pleasure to inform you that from 01.01.2009 the code number of Balkan Biocert Ltd. has changed- BG-BIO-02, with report 93-10725/23.12.2008 by the vice- minister of agriculture and food supply- eng. Dimitar Peichev, according to the requirements of art. 58 of 889/2008.

    “Balkan Biocert” is a limited liability company. The shareholders of the company are several legal and physical bodies, among which are NGOs, traders, private persons involved in the field of organic agriculture. The company will be open for new shareholders.

    Since 2005 Balkan Biocert Ltd. has a branch office in Macedonia, which provides high quality and affordable services to interested Macedonian organic farmers, processors and traders.

     “Balkan Biocert” has been a product of international partnership aimed at answering the need of the Bulgarian organic operators. The project partners FiBL (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerlans), IMO (Institute for Market Ecology, Switzerland) and Bioselena (Foundation for Organic Agriculture, Bulgaria) will provide technical guidance to „Balkan Biocert“ thus ensuring the credibility and the national and international recognition of the new company. The aim is that by the end of 2007 „Balkan Biocert“ as a limited liability company is a financially independent certification agency which certificates are accepted and recognised on the international and national markets.